The world has many companies who create wonderful products and are overflowing with ideas. Our wish is face the needs and hidden needs of our daily life with our clients along with their dream, zeal and ambition in order to thoroughly support the cross-border trade to success.

Our Bussiness

Crowdfunding business & B2B wholesales



We will promote your great product on Japanese crowdfunding platforms. After the campaign, we will subsequently sell them to B2B wholesalers and of course, on EC sites.

When we make a distribution agreement, we will be responsible for translating all the promotional materials, such as videos, and documents etc. We have talented professional translators, who translate them into very natural Japanese. 

For a pre-launch, we create social media accounts to post images and videos continuously as well as run FB ads and aim collecting over 1k customer lists. To increase initial sales performance, pre-launch is extremely important. 

Facebook ad professional

Facebook ad professional

Our team member holds Meta Certified Professional Certificate. We are familiar with Facebook ad, which is essential for Pre-launch. We try to keep the best ad performance during Pre-launch and correct as many customers list as possible.

Business Scheme

Business Scheme


Makuake is the largest crowdfunding platform in Japan, which is made in 2013. More than 8,000 projects have been launched and the number of its members reaches 1.28 millions! Why don’t you promote your product in this most major crowdfunding platform to boost your branding?

CEO / S.Oshima